Who is the Expat Housewife of Jakarta?

My name is Rinka Perez and I’m an expat from Australia. I am a mother of three very young kids. Six months after getting married, I left the only life that I ever knew to follow my husband’s career to work abroad. We have lived in three countries since and there’s not a day that passes that we have regretted our decision!

I’ve been living in Jakarta for three years now and I absolutely love it here! It’s a city you either love or hate. I’m in the ‘love, love, love, basket’! Many say it’s a difficult city to live in but from my experience, if you set your family life up correctly, you can easily take advantage of all of the positive aspects.

Traffic is the biggest challenge but if you are a stay at home mum like me, you can mostly avoid it. Household help is affordable compared to other cities and friendships can be easily fostered because most of the other mums are in the same situation as yourself…bored, tired and trying to balance family life with some leisure and me time!

Why do I love this city? There are so many reasons and I could talk your ear off but mainly because it’s highly underrated. Home massages and beauty treatments; mega shopping centers to meet ALL of your needs; delicious food/coffee venues; live in nannies, and a very child friendly culture.

Join me on my daily life in the ‘Big Durian’ bubble and follow my daily Instagram posts where I share tips and #amillionthingstodoinjakarta @the_expat_housewife_of_jakarta

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