Giving birth in Indonesia

Many expats are reluctant to give birth in Indonesia due to the unfamiliarity and mistrust of the medical system. Another common concern is simply being stuck in traffic during labour. Expats may also have inadequate medical insurance coverage or prefer to be in the comforts of their home country with family nearby. I had two children under the age of three when I was expecting my third child, so it was logistically easier for us to stay in Jakarta for the birth. Here are some things you may like to consider if you are expecting during your time in Indonesia.


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Is it all worth it?

Ok I’m going to be real now. Is it all worth it? I’m sitting at home alone and thinking. I’m missing all of my friends. I’m listening to songs that remind me of my friends back at home who I continue to love but unfortunately it’s been so long, I know they’ve moved on. I want to pick up the phone and call them or send an email to say how much I still love them, but time has passed and it’s probably just going to be awkward. Continue reading

How to survive your expat marriage in Indonesia

I find that being an expat couple introduces an entire range of complexities into our marriage. The lifestyle encourages certain issues that are quite unique to this situation and the positive aspects can quickly become detrimental…

Expat marriage crisis no.1: The honeymoon stage is over
My enjoyment and excitement for being a happy, unemployed expat housewife quickly died when I realised that managing all household duties for our family was extremely difficult and boring! Although back at home I was completely happy to cook and clean while working, doing it full time was entirely different. I found that becoming the ‘Trailing Spouse” placed an unspoken pressure on me to lift my game in order to compensate for all of my free time. Continue reading

Bring On 2018!

Reflecting on 2017 and my whole time in Jakarta so far, this year was a great year! I feel like I’m genuinely at home and will try to make 2018 an even better one!

The first year in Jakarta was a blur because I arrived with a 20 month old and newborn baby from Singapore. It would have sucked no matter where I was, because I had two babies and quickly fell pregnant again! I hardly had a chance to sleep, let alone get to know my new home. Continue reading

How I love Jakarta!

Many people who meet me are alway surprised to hear that I love living in Jakarta so much! Every city has its challenges and I think that the ability for someone to enjoy a city is more about that person, rather than the city itself. I can go on and on about all of the fantastic things that Jakarta has to offer (follow my Instagram @the_expat_housewife_of_jakarta) however, if you’re not ready to love Jakarta and give it a chance, then you may not enjoy the city to its full potential.

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Long boozy lunches

Long boozy lunches. That’s what I do here as an expat wife. Not as often as my husband thinks. In fact, with three children under three, this the first one I’ve been to in Jakarta (there were many in my previous posting Singapore!) that hasn’t been baby, or playgroup related. And it was FABULOUS!

It was in a friend’s house in Kemang and it was done in true expat style. A barman with cocktails. Four other household staff. No children or husbands. Lots of extravagant food, and the house was immaculately decorated like a page out of a lifestyle magazine.  Continue reading



Saturday afternoon and I’m currently getting a hair spa done at my condo’s hairdresser. From afar, this lifestyle may seem glamorous and self indulgent but the reality is, I’m lonely and I need to do these kind of things to get through the loneliness. Hubby has been traveling for work for the past two months. My kids have been sick this past week and its been a really tough few nights trying to nurse their fevers. I’ve been surviving on two hours of sleep per night and maybe a 2 hour nap each day.

The old me feels that it’s Saturday night and I should be going out! The other part of me knows that I am a mother now and I should be content to stay at home. Continue reading