Living greener in Indonesia

Sometimes I think that the only way I can live as an environmentally-conscious member of society is to hide away under a rock and reject the advances of modern civilisation. Of course, this isn’t realistic but the issue seems so large that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. When I first moved into my condo in Jakarta, I was told that our building doesn’t recycle. Apparently, all of the rubbish from our condo will eventually be sorted and magically make its way into a recycling centre somewhere. As an expat it’s difficult to find answers, so I accepted this explanation and carried on with my life of non-recycling. Eventually it ate me up and so I started to make incremental changes to our household.

Trying to live greener in Jakarta takes time and effort. It involves more planning and foresight. However, with the right resources, it is possible. Here are some tips on how to live as a greener family in Indonesia. Continue reading

Shopping in Jakarta

Shopping in Jakarta can sometimes be a frustrating experience for me. I highly value efficiency, and since having children, my tolerance has decreased drastically. I love the shopping centers here. It’s clean, modern and has everything I need (if I know where to go.) There are also many shop attendants that will greet and eagerly help me. I know they try really hard with customer service, and I appreciate it. Continue reading

Giving new life and hope from trash

I just met this amazing woman Retno, who is the Founder of a non for profit organization here in Jakarta. XSProject collects non recyclable waste such as soap refill bags, posters and banners, car seat upholstery rice bags; and turns them into useful items like shopping bags, toy boxes, make up bags, laptop covers, lunch cooler bags etc.

She employs people from the trash picking community and all of the profits go back into supporting the community through long term prosperity such as putting children into school, healthcare, farming and employment.

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Shopping for a cause

I was born to be an expat wife. Seriously. After yesterday’s legendary long boozy lunch, today I did what I imagined what I would do if I didn’t work. I hosted a charity event. Well, maybe that’s stretching it, but I did something that gives back.

I hosted a House of Diamonds exhibition sale, and gathered my friends to shop for a cause!
House of Diamonds is a fair trade initiative that employs disadvantaged Indonesian woman and empowers them through textile training, providing a fair salary and safe work environment. All proceeds from the sales go directly back into the cost of production and facilitate further programs to help more women in need.

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Healthy breakfast bowls

I was extremely excited to find this healthy vegan breakfast bowl cafe and hidden coffee shop in Dharmawangsa. The bowls were delicious and the coffee shop was so hipster! You can order from both cafes separately and enjoy your breakfast in the tacoria nestled between both the venues. Just make sure you bring some mozzie spray because there were heaps of mosquitos.

Check it out yourself:

SNCTRY fruit bowls
Butfirst coffee