Don’t Make Any Assumptions

A while ago I wrote some tips on how to quickly hire a new nanny (or maid) into your home. I wanted to offer further advice on this topic. The below are some areas to be mindful of, once you have chosen a successful candidate. I think that this advice is really only relevant to nannies in Indonesia, and is taken from my own (and friends) experiences while living in Jakarta.

Firstly, even if you have asked thorough questions about their abilities during the interviewing process, and she has met your requirements, conduct further diligence by not making any assumptions whatsoever. When I first moved to Jakarta, I made many assumptions about my new nanny, based on my previous experience with nannies in Singapore. This was a big mistake, so I’m sharing a few with you now. Continue reading

A Treasure in the Ruin

Today I celebrated my Little Baby Wombat, my youngest child, turning one. I had a very simple Aussie birthday party. Very, very, simple. Just three close childhood friends and their kids. Cake, pizza, chips, lollies and balloons. No party games organized, no MC, clown, or arts and craft table. No jumping castle or Choo-Choo train ride along my mum’s back yard. No bar man or catering. The party was very un-Indonesian (I love BIG FAT INDONESIAN Birthday Parties!) I just wanted my best friends to be around for one of my children’s birthdays and share the milestone event with (all of my children’s birthday parties have been overseas.) Continue reading

Gaining my confidence 

I was talking to my mother in law today and she thought that having two live in nannies and a full time live out maid was excessive for our household and I had to agree with her!
Then why don’t I just fire some of them or shuffle things things around so that I have less staff? I told her it’s definitely something that I’ve been striving to do, especially in the new year when I move back but it’s not an easy decision for me.

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Connected parenting 

I have been sitting on this post for a while now and was unsure if whether I should post it or not because I don’t want to come across as being presumptuous on this topic due to my current situation as a stay at home mum. However, regardless of me being in an office outside of my home or me sleeping in to catch up on my previous night’s sleep, both situations require my nanny to look after my children, and in turn, my quality time has been taken away from them.

I’ve spoken about having two live in nannies in my household and the constant balancing act. It’s tough being a mum here in Jakarta as an expat! I would never dare say this out loud to my friends back at home because I know it’s even harder for them doing it all without having any household help…working, cooking, cleaning, driving family around, grocery shopping, school/childcare run and taking care of their families on top of all this! To me, it’s actually impossible to imagine! But I believe that our situation also has its unique challenges and I will expand on my challenges in another post.  Continue reading

The hidden cost of this lifestyle 

Hubby and I were in bed last night when I told him about my new fb page. Instead of offering support for my new hobby, he turned it into a competition over who was busier and more tired! He said that he wished he had time to do such things like social networking on fb! Now, before you judge him and think how inconsiderate he is, he’s actually a very supportive and caring husband. He’s just so tired and overwhelmed.  Continue reading

Home services

Jojo is almost 4 and loves his weekly piano lessons. He adores his teacher and she comes to our condo. We are lucky enough to have a condo that has a fantastic music room that allows free hire. One of the many perks of living in Jk. Affordable music lessons at home.

You can get almost any service done without leaving your home here. It beats sitting out in the traffic and running around in the city all day. Whatever you need, get them to come to you and if you’re not sure, just ask. Chances are, they will come to you.

I will share more home services that I have used soon.


The nanny juggle

I’m locking me and kids in a bedroom right now because I just can’t stand the nannies hovering around me today! No matter how many times I tell them that they can go rest (a nice way to say, “leave us alone!”) they keep on popping in. Sitting next to the older two while they are watching the iPad; taking the baby away (to play with) when he’s happily playing alone next to his siblings. One of them even followed me around the house closing the cupboard door behind me!

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