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As you all know, I am currently taking a break from Jakarta at the moment, so a lot of my posts have been around life outside of the Big Durian. With the Christmas holidays coming up, many expats choose to fly home for the Silly Season however some expats decide to stay also.

If you are one of the few who will be staying in Jakarta over the break, please check out one of my dearest friend’s website for lots of fun activities and travel ideas for those living in Jakarta.


Tips for a long lasting marriage 

I recently had a very rare moment where all three of my kids were actually napping at the same time, so I got to have a HOT cup of tea and read a trashy woman’s magazine! I came upon an article written by a marriage counselor revealing her tips to a long lasting, passionate marriage. After being married for six years, most of it as an expat, and with three kids under the age of three, I desperately needed some tips!

So what were the three tips? Continue reading



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