Long weekend in Central Java

We decided very last minute to book a short weekend away over the Easter break. Recommended by a single friend who has no children himself, we took a huge chance and decided to stay at a coffee plantation resort called ‘Mesastila Magelang’. This is a beautiful eco friendly resort, over looking Java’s countryside with mountains in the background. We took a short 1 hour flight to Samerang airport and was picked up by the Hotel’s car. It was a scenic 1.5 hour drive to our hotel.

The resort’s entrance foyer is an old railway station that they moved and restored. It was so charming and gave us an instant feeling of ease.

Our children immediately fell in love with the place. They couldn’t decide what to do and explore first! The gigantic gong, an interesting reflexology walk, a big chest board game, croquet balls or simply sitting on the rocking chairs!

Our children loved the kid’s room with an outdoor play area. They had toys, craft and bicycles. Our favorite hang out was the jungle gym in the middle of the trees, where we all joined in the fun and played the obstacle courses together.

Each afternoon, we enjoyed the tea which had delicious finger food and freshly brewed coffee or herbal tea. I was quite surprised to find that our children loved the herbal tea. The tea magically changed colors when we squeezed lemon into it. It was such a calm and laid back setting. We really felt a world away from Jakarta.

Our days were filled with lots of outdoor time together. We explored the huge grounds and walked around the plantation. They had goats, horses, fish ponds, organic farms and beautiful gardens. Our lungs were filled with so much fresh air!

I was so impressed by their restaurant. Mesastila emphasize on fresh, and healthy food with low fat options. They used vegetables from their garden and it tasted really good! They also had a great kid’s menu and the staff were so friendly. We sat at the same table each night, which was outside, next to a big lawn. We let our kids run around and play while we waited for our food to arrive. Even in the dark, we all had a great time together.

We didn’t bring our nanny on this vacation but we still felt like we had a relaxing break. I was lucky enough to have a 90 minute Hamman spa treatment at the spa after our children went to bed.

Fresh cocktail drinks were delivered to our rooms at night, so hubby and I could kick back, sitting on our patio in the cool night air. Bliss!

Through the hotel, we organized our own car to go on two day trips. We drove to Borobudur at 2.30pm in the afternoon to explore the ancient building as the sun was going down. It was a 1.5 hour drive and the crowds were less than the morning tour, where to see the sunrise, you have to leave your hotel at 3am! We had our own tour guide and took our time absorbing in the beautiful 9th century Buddhist temple.

There are approximately 130 steps in total, to get to the top of Borobudur but our kids actually enjoyed themselves. I thought the trip would be more difficult however with the timing that we chose to go (after lunch and their naps), everyone seemed to be fine!

Our other day trip was to a railway museum, Ambarawa Railway Museum. There we got to ride a real steam train that was commissioned on 1913! It was a scenic and bumpy ride through the countryside, along the river and villages. The train was busy and full of Indonesian tourists. Everyone was so friendly and we all enjoyed sitting next to each other, cramped in our tiny seats. We sang songs, shared biscuits and took lots of selfies together! It was such a great adventure!

All in all, I loved this weekend away and highly recommend Mesastila to other young families! It’s really opened my eyes to travel within Indonesia and how, with the right planning, it’s quite easy and enjoyable to travel with our three young kids. I can’t wait to do more!

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