Taman Mini

Today is the first day of school holidays and like every school holiday, I get really excited and look forward to exploring Jakarta with my kids! We finally, after all of this time, went to Taman Mini! Taman Mini is a huge park made up of little mini attractions. There is an entrance fee that you need to pay initially as you enter with your car. Then, once you decide which attraction you want to visit, you are charged an additional entrance fee per park. The grounds is huge so you need to drive around with your car to get from one place to the other. It can get rather expensive at the end of the day but you can really only focus on one or two attractions. Children under 90cm can enter for free.

We left home early at 830am and arrived at the first attraction, the Aquarium and Butterfly Park / Bug Museum at around 930am. It was only 2,5000 Idr per person to enter however I was really disappointed with these two attractions. Firstly, as an animal lover, it absolutely broke my heart to see the condition that the sea creatures were kept in. Even my two year old son asked why the fish looked so sad. The tanks were tiny. The actual fish on display were amazing with a great variety. I saw an Albino soft shell turtle for the first time and two enormous Giant Arapaima fish.

 The Butterfly Park was a nice change to the dark aquarium. It was good to walk around the outdoor caged garden. 

After much confusion of where the entrance was, we drove to our main attraction which is Taman Legend Keong Emas. This is a theme park with various rides (train, rollercoaster, ferris wheel etc) and a Dinosaur park. The entrance fee had two options. You either chose the ‘All Inclusive’ package which, for 130,000 Idr per person, you get 8 rides plus entrance into most of the areas inside. The other option was to pay for each ride separately. We chose the ‘All Inclusive’ ticket but in hindsight, it wasn’t the best choice because 80% of the rides were broken and not working! We weren’t told this information at the time of purchasing our tickets, which was a real disappointment. I also got a loyal card for our entrance and received a free entry for our next visit. For some reason, my friend didn’t get the same card and they had no explanation as to why they couldn’t give her one!

With young children, we packed our own lunch for the day trip and was told that it wasn’t allowed inside the amusement park. Security checked our bags and told us we had to remove all of our food, including kid’s snacks before we could enter. So we sat outside and ate our lunch before entering. This was a real hassle with 5 young children, with no where to sit and eat properly. So don’t bring your own food if you plan on going!

Overall, our children had fun, which is the most important part. They were terrified of the Dinosaur Park, of course! But they loved the little rides, including the train. The waterpark was their favorite attraction, and my least!   

I would recommend Taman Legenda for the Dinosaur Park and the outdoor space. It’s worth a visit. I will definitely explore other parts of Tamin Mini again because there is so much more to still see and do. It’s still worth the trip out there to explore what else is in the mini park.


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Jl. Cipayung RayaJakarta 13840, Indonesia

Open 7am – 10pm

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