Trafique with red lights

A big group of mummies this morning met up for our weekly coffee. Carrying babies on our chest and tired from a sleepless night before. We were all desperate for breakfast and coffee! We all eagerly went to one of my local hang outs, Trafique coffee, this morning and was horrified to find out that we couldn’t be served because the register girl (taking orders) was running late for work!

Eye roll… only in Jakarta!

There was a bit of confusion around the situation, no one could tell us if it wgeb we would be served! We decided to hang tight and wait, and looked around the eclectic cafe to pass time.

One of the biggest selling points of this cafe is the building and its unique decorations. It’s a nice space to walk around with young children and feels cozy.

The building has high ceilings, and natural lighting which really soothes away your troubles. You easily escape from the hustle and bustle of traffic outside.

Finally, just as we were about to leave with empty stomachs and fists of frustration, our register girl turned up on her GO-JEK and the kitchen quickly worked over time to fulfill our orders!

The food is basic (I only recommend the classic omelette) but the coffee is great! All in all, it’s a nice cafe. I really want to love this place because it has so much potential. It just needs a little tweak (especially with customer service) and it could be close to perfect. I highly recommend a visit regardless. It’s interior is unique. I will be back and hopefully next time, Trafique will running on green lights!

Trafique Coffee

Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No. 9

Senayan, Jakarta Selatan

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