A spontaneous adventure- Tangerang fun!

I love spontaneous adventures! Last Saturday morning it was raining in Jakarta so I decided to take a chance and drive an hour away to our neighboring city ‘Tangerang’. I have only been there a couple of times to Ikea and ICE but once I googled kid friendly attractions, I found so much to do!

I decided to visit a planned urban park that I have always been keen to see. ‘Scientia Square Park‘ is an outdoor development designed to create a space for families to play and get active in. There is a small fee to enter and once inside, you can pay for additional activities.

We went nice and early and got in before the crowd and the hot weather (left home at 8.15am, arrived at 9.30am). Although the park opens at 5am, a lot of the attractions are not open until 10am. So we spent our time exploring the grounds. We went into the butterfly park, and into the outdoor playground surrounded by beautiful greenery and water features.

We climbed, hung and swung.

My kids loved playing with sticks in the fish pond. This was actually their most favorite activity… who would have thought?! It’s always the most simple things!

We hired some cars and drove…

And eagerly went on a pony ride (their first time!)

There were so many other things to do. You could hire bikes/rollerblades/scooters (bring your own!) I saw an awesome dog park with an obstacle course for your furry friend. Jumping castles, trampoline parks, rabbit farm and vegetable plantations. But mostly, it was a well planned park where you could run free and be kids!

We packed our own lunch and snacks but there was plenty of food and cafes to choose from, so next time I wouldn’t bother bringing our own. Overall, I was pleasantly impressed by this park and my kids can’t wait to go back!

Afterwards we decided to drop into ‘Upside down world‘, on the way home. This was also a lot of fun and my kids found it fascinating. Do check that out also…

I’m so glad that we did this quick trip out of Jakarta. I regret all of the years that I have been here, making excuses of why I can’t go out and explore. Tangerang really isn’t very far away and it felt like a world away. The city feels so different to Jakarta. It’s very green, and spacious. Looks like a nice place to live in actually. Next time it’s the weekend and you’ve got nothing to do, go out and explore Indonesia! There really are a million things to do here!

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