Our family vacation to Phuket- Part 2 Family friendly resorts

This family vacation was THE BEST! Bringing our Indonesian nanny along (more info. in Part One), allowed me to achieve a good mix of family time, fun nights out with hubby, and some relaxing alone time!

The main reason why it worked so well was the resorts that we stayed in. I absolutely loved them!

The first resort we stayed in was a budget, family style resort called Sunwing Bangtao. This is huge and designed for young families or those traveling in larger groups. The grounds had multiple pools for kids, including a baby splash pool, water slide, and water basketball. They had a child’s playground in a dedicated Kids Club that included babysitting. Each day the Kids Club hosted different activities. The resort also had two mascots, Lilo and Bernie who made daily appearances, which my kids loved to cuddle and wave to.

Our room was a two bedroom suite on the ground floor with its own private outdoor balcony that lead into a shared swimming pool (fenced off). This was perfect because I could relax in my own space while the kids swam.

The main restaurant was beautifully positioned outside, overlooking the beach. Kids ate for free. Breakfast and dinners were a buffet (for children) and lunch provided a kid’s menu that could be delivered to our room. Out of all the spots I ate in, I actually thought that the Thai food there was the best! They had many cuisine choices but I couldn’t stop eating the local cuisine, it was soooo good!

Each night they had a performance on stage but I found this to be quite daggy and depressing, so hubby and I went out for dinner instead. Bangtao Beach is located away from hustle and bustle of town (about 40 minutes from Patong) but there were many dining and drinking options nearby. We simply walked along the beach to find a place to eat and drink. A couple of nights we went out to the other parts of the island (more of what to do in Part 3).

The best part about this resort was the beach. The water was so warm and calm. We basically spent all of our time at the beach together. We hired a jet ski one morning but mostly, we swam and splashed around.

It’s a fantastic resort for young families. I think it’s one of those places that you would enjoy more with a big group of family and friends joining you because it’s at a good price range and the facilities are designed to meet everyone’s needs (there is also a teenage lounge, gym, massage etc). I would definitely recommend this resort for your next family vacation to Phuket.

The second resort we stayed in was Movinpick Bangtao, which is a high end family resort across the road from the beach. This resort had a more quiet, secluded and adult feel to it. But I was so surprised to see how child friendly it was! Movinpick really does take care of all of the finer details and goes far beyond for service. I will examples of this later.

We stayed in a 3 bedroom penthouse apartment overlooking the ocean. This apartment was huge! Almost bigger than our condo! We had our own outdoor spa (the master also had a spa) and the fridge was stocked daily with free milk and drinks. We got a special family package where kids ate for free and 10 pieces of laundry were included per day (really useful with kids!).

The meals they offered really outblew my mind. They offered healthy options that my kids preferred like plain rice with grilled chicken and vegetables. They had green juices, banana smoothies, and yoghurt with fruit. All immaculately presented in cute ways such as a fruit caterpillar; and they delivered to our room.

Movinpick had a huge indoor playroom and the pool is divine. There was no specific children’s pool but the beach is across from the hotel so that wasn’t really a issue. Oh, and the best part? They had a special area where you could grab beach toys and towels on the way out to the beach. And it gets even better…a hotel staff member meets you upon entrance to help collect your wet, sandy towels and toys! It was so convenient!

I really adored this hotel and would definitely try other Movinpick hotels in their different locations.

Finally, I just wanted to point out that having a young family (three under the age of 5), I don’t see the need to be located close to all of the action in town. It’s far too noisy and busy for young children and it’s not exactly PG (ie. Sin City). I loved the area where we stayed because it was quiet, peaceful and you could rest without being haggled. Our children were too young to go out late so this location was perfect for us. The only thing you need to prepare for is the cost of taxis are rather high in Phuket but it’s worth the trip out on the few occasions that we did go and I would stay in that location again.

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