Going Green in Jakarta

One of my biggest concerns about living here in Jakarta is the amount of rubbish that I throw out daily,  without being unable to recycle absolutely any of it! I literally feel sick thinking about the landfill that I will be contributing to and paralyzed by the inability for me to find a solution to this issue. Like most condos, there is no recycling system in place. I have asked around for years and nobody has really given me an easy and sustainable solution. I have been suggested to find a trash picker myself, randomly from the street and offer my trash to them. However without speaking fluent Bahasa, its difficult to do. I have asked my household staff about helping to find a recycling centre, or find a trash picker for me, but recycling just isn’t their priority!

It seems that I am not the only one with this concern. A group of environmentally concerned expats, who I know personally have decided to form a Facebook page to proactively combat this issue together. The group is called “Going Green In Jakarta”. To join the FB community, use the following link-

Facebook Going Green In Jakarta

Many of you are aware of the two children my coffee group sponsor to pay for their schooling through XSProject

Project XS is a non for profit organization that helps to improve the lives of communities that work as trash pickers in Jakarta, as well as recycling, and repurposing trash into useable household items and products.

XSProject will happily receive your rubbish! Yes, that’s right! You can send most of your household waste to the Project XS office where they will distribute the items amongst the trash picking community that they help.

They will accept the following items :

– soda cans (cans can be crushed or flattened)

– glass bottles (caps can be left on)

– magazines

– papers

– cartons

– plastic bottles and their caps

– plastic wrappers and pouches

-milk cartons (can be crushed or flattened)

– other wastes such as wood, metal, furniture etc

*Please clean the items and dry them thoroughly first. Wet items must be separated by dry items.

Send the trash to-

Ibu Retno

0812 1053614 (WA)


XSProject office-

Jl Kaimun Jaya No 28, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia

I have attached pictures of items that can be collected, along with cleaning instructions.

Please contact Retno Hapsari (the GM of XSProject) also if you are interested in sponsoring your own child to go to school. I have met the children and families personally and think that it is a great organization making a huge difference to the children’s lives.

Here are some other organizations that I have been in contact with, who will happily receive your recyclable materials also. Email or call them directly:

Bank Sampah

This is an initiative that you can join via an Application you download onto your smartphone. They organization pays you for your trash. From my understanding, the trash is either used for compost, recycled or repurposed into other items.

email: items.info@banksampah.id



IKEA has a collection point for used batteries and light globes, which they will recycle.

Tzu Chi Indonesia

This is a global Buddhist organization that collect recyclable trash to fund their social and community services in Jakarta.
They accept the following recyclables:
1.  Paper : newspaper, magazine, white paper, carton, books, receipt paper
2. Plastic : bottle packaging, plastic bag, cosmetic packaging, DVD / VCD, gallon, jerry can,       electronic packaging.
3. Metal : aluminum cans, iron cans, kitchenware, aluminum, brass copper, iron
4. Electronic : tv, printer, air conditioner, fan, radio, telephone, refrigerator, washing            machine, computer, electronic toys
5. Glass : ketchup bottles, drink bottles, perfume bottles, jars
6.  Proper clothes : clothes, hats, bags, belts, shoes, pants
These are their drop off locations:
Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan Cengkareng
Perumahan Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi,
Jl. Lingkar Luar Kamal Raya
Cengkareng Timur,
Jakarta Barat 11730
Tel. (021) 2902 4483Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan Muara Karang
Blok M-9 Selatan No. 84-85,
Pluit, Jakarta Utara
Tel. (021) 6660 1218 / 6660 1242

Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan Kelapa Gading
Jl. Pegangsaan 2 No 161 (Km 4,5)
Jakarta Utara
Tel. (021) 4682 5844

Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan Duri Kosambi
Kompleks Kosambi Baru,
Jl. Kosambi Timur Raya No. 11, 
Duri Kosambi, Cengkareng, 
Jakarta Barat
Tel. (021) 4450 4556 / 9626 2786

Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan Gading Serpong
Jl. Teratai Summarecon,
Serpong, Tangerang
Tel. (021) 5577 8361 / 71,
Fax. (021) 5577 8413

Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia
Tzu Chi Center, Tower 2 lantai 6
Jalan Boulevard Pantai Indah Kapuk
email: Utaratzuchiind@gmail.com
Another way to help is to find a person on the street that collects trash, yourself. They are often seen wheeling a wooden cart of trash. Trash pickers tend to walk around collecting trash from various households and buildings. They will be more than happy to receive your donation, as it will help to contribute to their income.
Please contact me if there are any other organizations or ways that you know on how to reduce and recycle trash in Jakarta.
Happy recycling!

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