Bring On 2018!

Reflecting on 2017 and my whole time in Jakarta so far, this year was a great year! I feel like I’m genuinely at home and will try to make 2018 an even better one!

The first year in Jakarta was a blur because I arrived with a 20 month old and newborn baby from Singapore. It would have sucked no matter where I was, because I had two babies and quickly fell pregnant again! I hardly had a chance to sleep, let alone get to know my new home.

My second year here was the hardest for me as an expat, because I got very sick with typhoid while 7 months pregnant and was not properly diagnosed with it until I almost gave birth. This put both my life and my unborn baby’s life at risk. This unfortunate situation highlighted that as a foreigner to a country, it is very difficult to find a trusted medical practitioner; good friends are essential; and a strong family unit is a must. I also felt very far away from the people that I loved back at home and missed their support dearly.

This year I feel like I’m seeing Jakarta for everything that it truly is and I am right where I belong.

I think that Jakarta is perfect for us right now with the age group of our kids. Having three children under the age of six, we tend to stay at home a lot and I don’t need to spend too much time trying to entertain my kids.

This year I have also felt more at ease about my parenting style and have managed to find a equilibrium with my household staff that works for us. Because of this, I am a more confident, relaxed and happy mother.

So with all of my knowledge and wisdom gained from living here so far, my plans for 2018 are-

1. I want see the rest of Indonesia, outside of Jakarta!

2. I want to spend more time with my family being active and outdoors.

3. I want to bond more with my husband outside of our children.

4. I want to be a positive role model to my children by being more kind, patient and empathetic.

5. I want to focus on my physical health and prioritize my time better.

Bring on 2018!

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