Shattering of my Heart

I just said goodbye to my mum. She has been visiting us for the past month from Australia. I see her about twice a year. Personally, this isn’t nearly enough because I can see how much joy her grandchildren bring into her life and how much my kids love her.
I hate having to say goodbye. It’s so heartbreaking. Truly one of the worst parts about living abroad. And it’s constant goodbyes. Each home visit, we have to eventually leave again. Each visiting relative or friend, has to leave us. I won’t even mention the constant moves of our expat friends! Continue reading

Summer Holiday Fun – Photo Series

I will be starting a series of photos on Instagram during the long summer school holidays. Since I’m staying in Jakarta, I want to try and see as much of it as I can and enjoy it with my kids. 

Join me daily and count down the days until the new school term starts again! 

You can view my photos on my Instagram account @The_Expat_Housewife_of_Jakarta or at my Facebook page.