The Perfect Mother Daughter Date. A Coffee Review of Sophie Authentique

img_0033Miss Two Point Five, has been feeling unwell the last few days, so I decided to keep her out of school and observe her. It was a great opportunity for us to spend quality time together without being distracted by her brothers. I decided to go to Sophie Authentique on Jl. Cikajang. Now, this isn’t going to be a review about the food or coffee. That was great and very delicious. Instead, I am going to focus on my experience there, as a mother and daughter duo.

It’s extremely difficult to find a cafe that is child friendly in Jakarta. Most restaurants will provide a standard baby chair and Ikea children’s cutlery (if that). Sophie Authentique appeared to make an extra effort. As we walked through the door, Miss Two Point Five, immediately ran to the chair swinging from the roof and jumped on. Although I don’t think this piece of furniture was intentionally there for children, I was happy to see my daughter excited.


The cafe is spacious, easy to navigate a pram around. Miss Two Point Five noticed a chalk board at the end of the room. Now, I want to emphasize here that this was the ONLY TOY in the cafe and it was very simple. Definitely not enough to cater for more than a couple of children at a time, however this minuscule addition has given huge credentials towards making it a “child friendly” café. Imagine how much better it would be if they invested in a few more children items like a table, chairs and a couple of crayons and coloring books! It really doesn’t take much for restaurants to extend their charm to the little people. It also makes the experience of the parents to be so much more enjoyable and I would definitely choose a child friendly, or family friendly cafe, over a normal one.


Other things that made this restaurant child friendlier? They had baby chinos in toddler friendly, non breakable tin cups for their tiny, clumsy hand. I’m always on edge when a restaurant give my children a drink in breakable glass or ceramic cups!


The food is simple and caters for children’s tastes such as sugar crepes, croissants and eggs etc. My daughter loved the home made baguettes.

To end our perfect date, I was delighted to see a step on the floor at the bathroom sink! This made washing my daughter’s hands so much easier! So as you can see, it  really doesn’t take much to cater to children. The tiny additions in this café actually puts it far ahead of other cafes in Jakarta. I left as one happy mummy which means that I will return and I can definitely recommend this café for other families with young children in Jakarta.

Jl. Cikajang no.48 Senopati

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