A Must Do for New Expat Housewives Moving to Jakarta


I’ve receive many emails from women who are planning their move to Jakarta and will be an Expat Housewife themselves. They send me many questions and although I love to personally reply to them with my own advice, I think it’s actually better to refer them onto other Expat Housewives in Jakarta. For anyone new to the city, I suggest you look into the below:

1. The Upper Crust newsletter Sign yourself up to this newsletter. Mary Wiley owns a lovely catering company (that I have personally used) called ‘The Upper Crust Jakarta‘ and every few days she sends out an email with the catering menu and a local classified that many expats use to exchange information. In this newsletter, you can find, sell, buy, many household items; view nannies and household staff that are looking for work; get the latest information on up coming events etc. It’s a good distribution to be on and you can also post things yourself. Just email Mary below and ask her to add you to her mailing list.


2. Jakarta Moms Support Group Join the Facebook page to have access to very tight knit and informative expat community. In this group, you can ask absolutely any question that you may have in mind. Ask about schools, areas to live in and which condos are kid friendly.; where to find certain items, where to shop and health related questions.


3. Join an association or club There are many country associations available in Jakarta that will accept members from any nationality. To name a few, there is Australian New Zealand Association (ANZA), British Woman’s Association (BWA), American Woman’s Association (AWA). Please ask on the forums or research on the internet for more of them because there are many clubs and associations for other countries, as well as career, networking, sports and hobbies. The main point is to get in touch with them! They are always very welcoming and will help you with any question that you may have. Many of them host weekly coffees and fun social events as well, so I think these are the best places to make new friends.

4. Meet up Jakarta I love this website! It’s a great place to find events and connect with people who share similar interests to yourself. I have used this website to join a playgroup that was created by another expat mummy. I have also been to a Jakarta Ladies Night Out meet up and a salsa dancing event. If there’s nothing that takes your interest, you can also create your own group and meet up! Easy, peasy!

Meet Up Jakarta 

I highly encourage that you to GET CONNECTED and REACH OUT. Moving to a new city can be very scary and overwhelming. Making new friends and speaking to someone in Jakarta, even if its all online, really does make a huge difference and can definitely make your move to Jakarta a lot less daunting. Good luck and welcome to The Big Durian!

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