My Journey Home


I’ve been back in Jakarta for two weeks now and the first thought that crossed my mind as I stepped into my condo was, “Its great to be home!” Many of my friends have been eager to catch up with me to find out whether or not I was happy to be back in Jakarta, or if my extended stay in Australia had invoked an inner desire to stay there permanently. The truth is, I love living in Jakarta and this is my home!

I loved our time in Australia and when I was there, I never wanted to leave but we weren’t really living a real life there. We were on holiday mode and each day was filled with the best parts of being on a vacation. Our friends and family were excited to see us and made time to meet us, and we toured our home country like tourists ourselves. Was I depressed to be leave and return to Jakarta? No! Not at all! We were greeted at the airport by our driver and our children ran into his arms. My Baby Wombat immediately recognized his nanny and the children were so happy to rediscover their old toys again.

I was happy to be back in my clean home where I no longer had to wipe off the endless sand from beneath my feet (we were staying in a non serviced beach house for Christmas where, as a true expat, I did absolutely no cleaning other than dusting the sand into the corners of the room or in between the cracks of the couch!) I loved the cleanliness and tidiness of our condo, with our beds made and there were no piles of laundry or dishes to be washed. My lovely maid had stocked the fridge of necessary groceries and had cooked fried rice for the night of arrival. I felt for the first time in many months that I had time on my hands. I felt relaxed and didn’t have to stress about my list of chores to do once the kids were asleep.

Arhhh….now this is my paradise! Yes Australia was beautiful and we had a remarkable time there but this expat life I have set up for us in Jakarta is just perfect! This is the problem and irony of living as an expat in Jakarta. I feel like there is that no where else in the world that is as nice as my home! Being at home is a vacation! No Five Star hotel or resort, remote beach cabin or a villa, is as peaceful or as relaxing as the haven that I have set up for us in our own home.

So why is my home an oasis and why do I love living in Jakarta so much? Well, you will have to wait and continue reading my blog… Bring on 2017!

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