My Obsession Continues – A Coffee Review of 1/15 Coffee Gandaria

My first day back in Jakarta and I’m not quite ready to start ‘real life’ just yet, so I asked my hubby if he wanted to have breakfast at one of our favorite cafes in Jakarta, 1/15 Coffee.

It’s a fairly new establishment that, much to my excitement, opened up in Gandaria last year, an area close to me. Gandaria, and surrounding areas, do not have many great, stand alone cafes that are not a part of a shopping center (I don’t like waiting until 10am for a coffee!) so I was probably one of their first customers when it opened. I was immediately impressed.

The decor is fresh and feels natural due to their indoor plants. The best part is that there is plenty of space to navigate a pram (or in my case, a double pram!) and you can easily park your pram aside on a corner somewhere or neatly at your table. They also offer baby chairs. Is this venue kid friendly? Well, having just returned from Australia where some cafes have a special children sections set up (like a play area); and offer coloring in books and crayons; this café pales in comparison (like most cafes in Jakarta.) But, the space alone, is kid friendly. You probably wouldn’t let your children run around there, but they can comfortably sit at the table with you without being squashed and, you can take them for a walk up the stairs (the main dining section is downstairs) and watch the traffic go by through their big, surrounding windows.

Having said that, why am I obsessed with this cafe? I have been there four times in my first week back! Well, because the brunch menu is delicious and they have good coffee! I love the eggs on toast with PORK BACON on the side (did I say BACON?!) and my kids love the pancakes with caramelized bananas and vanilla ice cream, lathered in chocolate sauce. I’ve also discovered their Kaya Toast, which is delectable and also a favorite of my children. Your husband will love their hearty bacon breakfast sandwich which has a thick cut of bacon steak nuzzled inside their homemade bun. My favorite lunch dish is their pulled beef burger. The beef is braised in a unique coffee marinade and has the most amazing flavor. The fried chicken and waffles is also a good hangover breakfast (in my case, the breastfeeding-all-night-hangover!) Ok, I admit it…I basically love their entire brunch menu! And yesterday, after attending a coffee meet up there with my local Indonesian mummies, I discovered an entire new local, all day dining menu! My friends had fish cakes with spicy sauce, wonton soup and this deep fried Sumatra egg dish that looked interesting! One year on and there is so much more for me to explore, and so my obsession with 1/15 Coffee continues!

1/15 Coffee Gandaria @ Jl Gandaria I No.63 Gandaria

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