The Simple Pleasures

Today I returned our hired car and took the bus, and then train, with my kids to return home. Taking public transport was a highlight for my children! They loved waiting at the bus stop, saying ‘hello’ to the bus driver as they hopped on, and pressing the buzzer to alert the driver to stop!

On the way home, we stopped at a park and had lunch. They loved the open space, beautiful 20 degree Melbourne weather without humidity and refilling their water bottles with fresh, drinking water from the water drinking fountain!

We then took a leisurely walk home, where my children were mesmerized by the rubbish bins along the road, hoping that the rubbish truck would drive by to empty them!

These are the simple pleasures of Australia that we miss when we are in Jakarta. All of these experiences are new to my children and it brings me so much joy to see their faces light up with happiness.

Tonight, as I’m laying in my bed, exhausted and sore from my long day out with them, I wish that I could text my massage lady to come over for a two hour, full body massage. I’d then order a chocolate oozing, butter dripping Martabak on GoJek…and book in a hair spa at the salon in my condo for the morning! These are the simple pleasures that I miss about Jakarta, when I am in Australia.

My heart really does live in both countries.

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