The Simple Pleasures

Today I returned our hired car and took the bus, and then train, with my kids to return home. Taking public transport was a highlight for my children! They loved waiting at the bus stop, saying ‘hello’ to the bus driver as they hopped on, and pressing the buzzer to alert the driver to stop!

On the way home, we stopped at a park and had lunch. They loved the open space, beautiful 20 degree Melbourne weather without humidity and refilling their water bottles with fresh, drinking water from the water drinking fountain! Continue reading

We Love Jakarta

As you all know, I am currently taking a break from Jakarta at the moment, so a lot of my posts have been around life outside of the Big Durian. With the Christmas holidays coming up, many expats choose to fly home for the Silly Season however some expats decide to stay also.

If you are one of the few who will be staying in Jakarta over the break, please check out one of my dearest friend’s website for lots of fun activities and travel ideas for those living in Jakarta.