In search for good coffee in Jakarta – Beau Review

One of the first things I did when I moved to Jakarta was start a coffee meet up group for Mums and Bubs. In search of good coffee and new friendships, I thought it would be a great way to discover my new city. The group was very simple to start. I just created a Facebook group and posted it on the FB page ”Jakarta Moms Support Group.”

It’s one of the best things I’ve done since moving to Jakarta! I’ve made so many new friends from all different parts of the world, and have discovered so many great coffee venues!

Whenever I tell people about my coffee group, they are always surprised because they don’t believe that Jakarta is a great spot for coffee! Of course it is! It’s one of the largest coffee growers in the world! In fact, Starbucks exports coffee out of Indonesia to its stores globally, only to have it packaged and then sent back into Indonesia again to be served in its Starbucks shops!

I think Jakarta is HIGHLY UNDERRATED. I believe many expats who live here love to complain about it without giving it a real chance.  The café scene reminds me a lot of Melbourne (and we Melbournians know good coffee!), with rustic, hipster flare. To prove how underrated Jakarta’s coffee scene is, I have decided to share them on my website. I’m not a professional food blogger (and won’t try to be) but I will share my personal opinion on the coffee, food and child friendliness of the café, from an Expat Housewife’s point of view.

One cafe that has recently opened is ‘Beau’ which is in my opinion, the Mecca for good sandwiches in Jakarta! They have these open face sandwiches with a variety of delicious toppings to choose from, such as Smoke Salmon, Chicken breast, Pumpkin and Goats cheese, Real Pork salami or Pork Prosciutto. I get excited anytime I discover a restaurant that serves real pork in Jakarta, especially if it’s a breakfast spot because I love bacon!

They freshly bake their breads, pastries and desserts, which is great for young children. I ordered the open sandwiches (a selection of 3) and really enjoyed it. There’s also the typical egg dishes, as well as closed sandwiches and baguettes with all different kinds of delicious fillings. Overall, the breakfast menu had many tempting choices and the coffee was great!

As far as child friendliness, I would probably give it a very low score. Although it is a beautiful cafe with bright open space, I think it was far too small inside to accommodate young kids and babies. Especially if you had a pram. We were given one baby chair (the only one they had) but it was far too squashy and the staff kept on running into it or hitting it as they passed.

The cafe seemed to be very popular with many other women’s groups there that morning; from local Indonesians smoking outside, to Japanese expats learning the art of calligraphy on the large centerpiece table inside.  There was even a live photo shoot going on!

The outdoor seating patio is beautiful and very inviting but is not child friendly at all due to smokers and the multi leveled deck. I can see my kids falling right off the unexpected ledges.

Overall, it’s a beautiful cafe with great food and coffee. I would definitely go back and highly recommend it for a sneaky morning coffee date with your husband. He’ll love the sandwiches!

Beau @ Jl Cikajang no. 29 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

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