Life is a party


For the past three months since we decided that I will be coming to Australia for an extended holiday with the kids (hubby will be in Jakarta for most of the time) I’ve been trying to stay patient and keep myself from going insane from the excessive household help in our house!

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty hands on mum and I aim to go down to only one maid/nanny for our household. Especially with the kids getting older and going to preschool. I originally only had one live out maid and one live in nanny for our family but my husband thought it would be a good idea to get additional help because he had ongoing travel planned for the remainder of the year. And it has been a tremendous help but in my opinion, it’s help that comes with a cost.
I’m not talking about the financial cost. I’m talking about the emotional cost on me (for having to manage three household staff in our condo!). The cost of feeling helpless as a mother thinking I’m a failure at parenting for needing the help in the first place! The cost of raising my children surrounded by nannies who spoil them rotten and never leave their side! And the cost of causing strain on our marriage because we are constantly fighting about our staff and cannot seem to agree on what the right number of staff should be! In hubby’s option, more is good. In my opinion less is more! I won’t go into this yet because this is a WHOLE other topic!
So since we’ve hired the additional nanny, I’ve been feeling really trapped. Like I don’t want all of this help but I feel like I can’t do it all on my own either! It’s really frustrating and demoralizing. But I knew it was temporary because we were traveling to Australia soon.
The day finally came for us to leave and I felt so much relief knowing that I won’t have to deal with my nannies or any of my daily life issues in Jakarta for a while!
We were greeted by very happy grandparents and a huge party celebrating my mother in law’s 60th on the same day that we arrived! 😱😱😱
This is when my parenting-I-don’t-need-my-nannies-nightmare began! All three kids were tired, hungry, and overwhelmed by the crowd. And the worst part was, it was a house party so there was no escape!
Hubby and I had to keep our composure and be polite by greeting guests but it was practically impossible because our kids were just so exhausted and over stimulated. I basically locked myself with the kids in a bedroom and spent the whole night breastfeeding, doing toilet runs, calming down meltdowns and then trying to get them to sleep (after stuffing them with birthday cake, jelly beans and chips)!
I could hear the champagne bottles being popped downstairs and felt like crying! I felt so much injustice against me. It’s not fair! I want to party also! Where are my nannies when I need them?!
I missed the whole party, I didn’t get to try any of the delicious food (that really hurt because I love my food!) and I was exhausted myself from the long over night flight. Life in Jakarta didn’t seem so bad after all. Especially knowing that house parties like these can be quite pleasant when you have nannies and maids to help out!
That’s when it hit me. Shit! The next few months in Australia are going to be so tough without my nannies!

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