This time last year, I went through my most difficult experience here in Jk. I was 8 months pregnant and incredibly sick. I had been sick for 2 months and things weren’t looking good. It started off as a bad fever and after taking several antibiotics (tests showed it was some kind of dengue virus) my fever remained consistently high. Every 4-5 hours, my body trembled uncontrollably from a chill caused by my fever. My hemoglobin blood count consistently dropped, I lost tremendous weight (all of my pregnancy weight and more) and was extremely weak.

I spent days and nights running around from one specialist to another trying to get diagnosed. I took over 50 blood tests and still had no answers. And I was getting worse. On top of that, my nanny resigned and my husband was traveling for work. I never felt so alone and scared. I had two young children to take care of and my healthy pregnancy became ‘high risk’.

Luckily I had a fantastic OBGYN (I will write more about this and giving birth in Jk later) and he advised me to fly to Singapore to see if I could get answers there. It was a tough trip but thankfully it was successful. After just one urine test, I was diagnosed with Typhoid!
I advise all expats and visitors (please advise your friends and family before they fly), to get the Typhoid vaccination. My pediatrician recommends it for all children over 2 years old also. Believe me, it’s worth the jab.

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