The nanny juggle

I’m locking me and kids in a bedroom right now because I just can’t stand the nannies hovering around me today! No matter how many times I tell them that they can go rest (a nice way to say, “leave us alone!”) they keep on popping in. Sitting next to the older two while they are watching the iPad; taking the baby away (to play with) when he’s happily playing alone next to his siblings. One of them even followed me around the house closing the cupboard door behind me!

Although I absolutely appreciate my nannies and they are my absolute savior during hard times, I want some time alone with my kids.

A part of the reason why I’m returning home for an extended holiday in two weeks time is because I need a break from all of this household help. I need to reconnect with “reality” and parent these kids without outside help.

So why have all of this staff if it’s driving me insane at times? Because when times are tough, they really help me out. But on a lazy Sunday, like today, I want to somewhat pretend that we’re a normal Australian family, just chilling out around each other.

Ok…now I’m going to ask the nannies to step in again while I prepare lunch for us all! It’s a constant balancing act.


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