The most important quality of my nanny

On the hot topic of nannies this week, I have a friend who is new to Jk and is currently looking for a nanny. It can be a really daunting task, especially if nannies are new to your family and your culture.

It’s a very personal decision, like inviting a new member into your family, who you will trust to take care of your little ones.

There are so many other elements to consider. Will you hire a live in nanny or live out nanny? What is the right salary? Does she need a health check? Is she First Aid trained or has any previous training? I will write more about these things in later posts, but today, I wanted to focus on one point only.

When I am hiring a nanny for my family, I make sure that I hire someone who has a genuine love for children. Every nanny you interview will say that, yes, they love children! So I ask their previous employer or their reference (in my case, my previous nanny’s sister). “Does she love children?”

I don’t worry too much about previous experience, I’m happy to train and teach practical skills like schedules, bathing, safety etc. What I want from my nanny is something that can’t be learnt or faked; and that is a genuine love of children and enjoyment from being around them all day long. I want her to adore my children and think that their little tantrums are cute! I want my nanny to have fun playing with my children, dressing them up, feeding and talking to them. Singing songs and dancing!

Why? Because if she likes children, then it’s not a chore to her and she will have fun while working. She’s less likely to lose her temper or become impatient. I know that for myself, I could never be a nanny! Children are just not my thing. Yes I love children in general and I want to adopt all of the poor orphans in the world and keep them safe. But I’m not one of those people who can naturally talk and play with children in a bubbly and excited voice! I just don’t have that personality.

I’m totally fine with stinky nappies and mundane chores like bathing etc but I do these things out of a natural motherly instinct that I developed from becoming a mum. But if I had to spend my whole day doing nothing but playing, singing, talking and interacting with my kids, or any body else’s child, I would go insane! It would feel like hard work for me and I would get exhausted.

This is why I seek a nanny who loves being around kids. I can trust that they will always be kind to my children. My nannies adore my children. They are energized by being around them and have an endless amount of patience. Being a nanny is fun for them and they have a natural instinct. In turn, my children love them also, and that makes everything else a lot easier for me.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this.


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