The hidden cost of this lifestyle 

Hubby and I were in bed last night when I told him about my new fb page. Instead of offering support for my new hobby, he turned it into a competition over who was busier and more tired! He said that he wished he had time to do such things like social networking on fb! Now, before you judge him and think how inconsiderate he is, he’s actually a very supportive and caring husband. He’s just so tired and overwhelmed. 
This lifestyle takes a toll on our husbands too. He feels constant pressure to perform well at work, otherwise we could get sent back home. They work very long hours and get caught in the infamous Jk traffic. Also, being the sole provider for our growing family, he feels the pressure even more.

It’s hard for our husbands here. Men don’t tend to socialize as much as woman, outside of their job. So they have no outlet. They also don’t like to talk about their feelings as much. And since having children, they feel like they are on the bottom of our priority list.

So instead of getting angry, I felt sympathy for him. I offered him a head massage and then kindly reminded him that actually, he just spent the last two hours watching Netflix whereas I simply posted one update on my fb page. He chills out by watching TV, I chill out by fb.

It’s not a competition but if it were, I’d definitely be getting the Gold Metal for the least sleep and most tiredness! He then rolled over and fell asleep, snoring. I got up and fed the baby; woke up the older two for a pee (night time toilet training) and then slept on the floor on a single bed mattress next to Miss 2 until 2am when I then fed the baby again, and took the older two to pee, again! My usual 5am wake up with all 3 kids. And hubby was still sound asleep in his very own King Size bed. Oh yes, I won this round! 🏅🏅🏅

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