Missing out


This is when it really sucks to be living abroad…missing out on those important moments back at home. One of my best friends from home just had her first baby girl! Oh how I I wish I was there to share in this wonderful moment with her. Give her baby a cuddle; pop in every few days to see if she needs a rest, a timeout to shower, a cup of tea or her dinner cooked! I know how stressful and confusing your first born can be and I just want to BE THERE!

I have missed out on so many milestones since living abroad and it breaks my heart. Weddings, funerals (deaths of friends, friend’s parents), new babies, divorces, first days at school. Even the simple dinners and play dates with my childhood girlfriends. I wish I was there!

I feel like my life is on hold, like I’m on a vacation, and will one day return to my old life. But actually, people back at home have moved on and they have learnt to live without me. Me on the other hand, I’m still stuck in that old life that I left behind.
Thankfully we now have access to video chat technologies to instantly reconnect when we need to. It’s also a gentle reminder to tell my friends that I’m still here!

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