Long boozy lunches

Long boozy lunches. That’s what I do here as an expat wife. Not as often as my husband thinks. In fact, with three children under three, this the first one I’ve been to in Jakarta (there were many in my previous posting Singapore!) that hasn’t been baby, or playgroup related. And it was FABULOUS!

It was in a friend’s house in Kemang and it was done in true expat style. A barman with cocktails. Four other household staff. No children or husbands. Lots of extravagant food, and the house was immaculately decorated like a page out of a lifestyle magazine. 
I’ve been looking forward to these infamous housewives of Kemang parties! I’ve heard a lot about them and how they can quickly get a little…wild! But this one was civilized and fun, well, when I left anyway. For those who don’t live in Kemang, you know that you need to leave Kemang before a certain time, otherwise you will be stuck in Kemang forever because of traffic! So, as I was saying, when I left, it was very civilized but the drinks were still pouring, so who knows what happened afterwards!

As an expat in Jakarta, I need these social gatherings to survive. I need to surround myself with other expat women to connect and try to make my time here easier. When you live in a city that is so out of your comfort zone and so different to your home country, it’s beautifully reassuring to know that you have friends to share this experience with. These woman lighten my heart. They understand me and they make living in this city worthwhile. ♥️♥️♥️

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