Doing it myself 

My maid is away sick today so I’m cooking dinner. I have to say, I’m really enjoying it! I have always loved cooking but since I have a maid who can do it for me, I’ve lost my motivation in this department. I’ve become lazy and spoilt. So spoilt that I curse to myself if there’s no staff around to wash a piece of fruit for me!

My rationale behind not cooking, even though it’s one of my passions, is because I’m extremely lucky to be in this position. So while I do have a maid (because we know that won’t be happening back at home!) I have been taking advantage of the time that I would be cooking and spending it with the kids instead.

So today, I sent the kids outside with my nannies and I’m cranking up my iPhone, listening to my favorite songs (those dirty swearing ones that I can no longer listen to in front of the kids!) and enjoying this domestic moment.

For a split second I had the thought enter my mind be that maybe I don’t need a full time maid after all? Hmmmm…I’ll keep this thought to myself and try not to bring that idea to my husband’s attention just yet! He’s already so sick and tired of me constantly changing my mind about how many staff I think we should have to manage our household!

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